Guitar Gear

If theres one thing we know, its quality guitar gear. From the guitars, right down to the amps and heads, we got it all covered. We intended this site to become mainly a gear review site, but we also will give you virtual guitar lessons, video reviews and guide you on buying most of the gear as well. guitarz

We are specialists when it comes to Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Taylor and Martin guitars (we are certified in repairing all of them and tuning them all up) and can paint and custom modify every type of guitar with ease. We want to be your guitar mavens.

Not only this, but we will be releasing our songwriting course shortly that will guide you on many variations of guitar chords, harmonics and how to write hit songs on guitar. We have interviews with famous artists and bands, in which they will show you how they wrote their hit singles and the inspiration behind them.

Please tune back in soon and we will begin your training!

The Guitar Gear Team!