Most Famous Guitars Ever

I wanted to run down a quick list of the most famous guitars of all time and make them relevant for all my brahs out there.  Also, jsut to let y’all know, I will be pushing back my next post on a general guide on buying great guitars under $500, to a few weeks from now – I am going on tour for a few months and on the road jamming most of time – So, sorry for being cool, riding around in tours buses, a limo, and doing coke off strippers asses- all that stuff rockstars do!download

Anyways, the top few most famous guitars ever:

  1. Lucy- Without a doubt, unquestionably, this is the most famous guitar of all time. Just because some of your are recluses, the story goes like this:  Eric Clapton bought a Red Les Paul for George Harrison, mostly for stealing his girlfriend. The song “Layla” then became about this girl . In any case, to George, it was a great peace offering, and it was said that he really loved this guitar. the guitar was stolen from his house, and was said to have been sold again at a local guitar shop and brought to Mexico. Harrison found out that someone in Mexico had come forward saying he had the guitar. He returned it to George later on and Geroge was extremely grateful. check out the story here:
  2. Tommy Iommis Guitar- Tommy Iommi had a guitar that he painted on his kitchen table with a friend. their plans changed and they had to get on the road before the guitar finished drying- this forced them to use a cheap paint. This paint started looking gnarly through the middle of one of the sabbath tours and has this indistinguishable gritty look to it. 
  3. Brian Mays Red Special- Apparently he assembled the guitar with his dad, from old wooden fireplaces pieces when he was younger. It had a lot of internal problems and humbuckers kept shorting on him- Also, many of the pickups had on-off switches that made it a very unique guitar. 




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